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Garden Grove Education Association
President: Kelly Nolan, Electronic AdNotes – November 6, 2020
12966 Euclid Street #100, Garden Grove (714) 638-7480


GGEA Mission Statement: GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve.

GGEA 2019-20 Goal: Engage membership through internal organizing to build a stronger union.



11/17 Rep Council
11/23-27 Thanksgiving Break
11/30 Non-Student Day

Does GGEA Have Your Current Information?

GGEA would like to have the most updated information on its members.

Has your address changed? Have you notified GGEA about that change? In our past mail ballot election, we had over 50 returned envelopes.

Have you changed sites? Have you notified GGEA about that change?

Please notify the GGEA office with any and all changes. Thank You.

GGEA Retirement Committee Host CalSTRS Workshop
  On December 10th at 3:30, the GGEA Retirement Committee will be hosting a CalSTRS informational workshop via zoom. RSVP is required. Email if interested.  
COVID-19 Testing
  In 10/23's FAQ's, the question of "Where can I get tested?" was addressed. We had heard that some teachers had to pay. If you are one of those teachers, it shouldn't have occurred and you need to email to seek reimbursement  
CTA Virtual Conferences
  There are two virtual conferences coming up in December. CTA members are complimentary.  
*LGBTQ+ Issues Conference 12/3-5
  CTA is proud to present the 12th annual (and first virtual!) CTA conference addressing LGBTQ+ issues involving educators, students and the community. These sessions start at 5:00 PM on Thursday/Friday and 9 AM on Saturday.  
New Educator Weekend 12/10-13

CTA’s New Educator Weekend (NEW) is a conference for new CTA members. Due to the global pandemic and restrictions on large scale gatherings, NEW will be virtual this year. This NEW conference is for educators in their first three years in the profession. The New Educator Weekend has everything that educators need to be successful in their first years of teaching. These sessions start at 3:30 on Thursday/Friday and 9 AM on Saturday.

If you are interested in attending both conferences or just one, please go to this link and register.

Oggi's Community Give-Back Dining Nights
  On Thursday, Nov. 12 & Friday, Nov. 13, Oggi's will donate 20% from your purchase to help support GGUSD Class of '21 Senior Scholarships. You'll need to show the flyer from our phone.  
2020 NCUEA Virtual Fall Conference

No sub would be needed on Thursday or Friday since the session starts after 3:00 PM.

On Thursday, December 3, 2020 to Saturday, December 5, 2020, NCUEA, the National Council of Urban Education Associations will hold its annual fall conference virtually.

This year's conference will feature keynote speakers that address the intersections between racial justice, civil society, and unionism. If this sounds interesting to you, check out this link for more information about the conference.

Please do not register. If you are interested in attending, please call the GGEA office, as we will be forming an interest list and will get back to you with registration information. Your fee will be reimbursed by GGEA.

Cal Casualty Music & Arts Grant
  California Casualty’s Music and Arts Grant program receives applications year-round. With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on communities and schools, the arts are playing an even more critical role in helping children express themselves, connect with each other, process stress, and stay engaged in their new virtual learning environment. To be considered for a 2021 award, California public K-12 schools can apply for a $250 Music and Arts Grant at  
TheStandard Covid-19 Related Questions

“Are disability plan participants eligible for disability benefits if placed under quarantine?

There are a wide variety of scenarios under which an individual may be quarantined, ranging from a voluntary self-quarantine without a COVID-19 diagnosis to a mandated quarantine with a diagnosis. If a covered CTA member is quarantined as directed by a licensed health professional or government agency, we will assess a claim for benefits as follows:

  • If the member has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is unable to work, they will remain insured and eligible to file a claim under the CTA-endorsed Voluntary Disability policy. Their claim will be evaluated to ensure they meet all of the policy requirements.
  • If the member has not been diagnosed and is unable to work (due to school closures or other quarantine-related reasons), they will retain coverage and eligibility under the group policy should they eventually become disabled. It is important to remember that under most Disability Insurance policies a covered individual must be unable to work due to a disabling condition, either at their place of employment or from home, and must experience a loss of income to be eligible for disability benefits in all cases. Our dedicated CTA Customer Service team is available to answer your questions at 800.522.0406 (TTY) or, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday."

Definition of Disability is defined on page 23 & 24 of our new 2020/21 member enrollment brochure

As a reminder, the Disability plan has a 7 day waiting period and the plan covers for Regular Days of Required Attendance, except the Hospital benefit. A brief description of benefits is on page 9 & 10 of the member enrollment brochure.

Cal Casualty Auto
  For a limited time you can get a $25 Amazon gift card when you get a new auto insurance quote.  
Orange SCC Equity Human Rights Team Pajama Drive
  The Orange SCC Equity Human Rights Committee and The Orangewood Foundation are working together to provide the foster and your community with pajamas. Click for more information.  
Reopening In-Person & the Advocate
  Thirty one of our schools have opened in-person. The Advocate welcomes your reopening photos and any articles you'd like to submit. Send to  
Get Involved with GGEA

There are benefits to being on committees. We all have skills that we excel at and being on a committee allows one to exercise their talents in different ways. Serving on a committee also provides an opportunity to meet new people. The members on committees bring in different backgrounds, values, viewpoints and abilities. It's a way to be involved with your union.

GGEA has ten (10) standing committees. The list of committees is attached and application form is attached. If you are interested in checking out a committee, fill out the form and email it to the GGEA office.

Orange Service Center Council (OSCC) 2021 Equity and Human Rights Poster Contest

There is plenty of time for your students to submit an entry poster since the deadline isn't until Friday, April 2, 2021 @ noon.

2020-21 CTA LGBTQ+ Safety in Schools Grant and Scholarship Program in Honor of Guy DeRosa

CTA is pleased to announce the thirteenth year of this grant and scholarship program. It was created to promote human and civil rights by making our public schools safe for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning persons.

For more information click here.

GGEA Communications

If you know of anyone not receiving AdNotes or any form of GGEA communications, it could be due for several reasons.

  1. We don't have their personal email address
  2. They've unsubscribed and must go onto the website and resubscribe
  3. It has gone into their spam
CTA Introductory Disability Insurance for Newly Hired Educators

As a newly hired educator and member of GGEA, it is important to protect your income and loved ones with Disability and Life Insurance. This is a reminder about the special enrollment opportunities available to brand new educators and those transferring from another district.

CTA provides newly hired educators with 9 months of CTA Introductory Disability insurance at no cost to them, when they join CTA for the first time within 90 days of their first day of work.




Speak With An Attorney
  The opportunity to speak with an attorney for 30 minutes on non-work related issues has resumed. Please call the GGEA office for more information.  
Join the GGEA Facebook Page - Connect with other members
  Search for "Garden Grove Education Association" and ask to join the group. Allow our admin 24-48 hours to accept your request. If you are concerned about privacy, please make sure your own Facebook page has privacy settings adjusted before joining GGEA Facebook. Here you an read education articles, see GGEA activities , and share your ideas.  

Together Everyone Achieves More

Contact Information:GGEA President: Kelly Nolan phone: 714-638-7480
fax: 714-638-9167
email: President, Kelly Nolan –
    Executive Director, Paul Kim –
    Associate Staff Membership, Susan Kaylor –
    Associate Staff Reception, Jenny Gonzalez –

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Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."