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Garden Grove Education Association
President: Tina Gustin-Gurney, Electronic AdNotes – June 8, 2018
12966 Euclid Street #100, Garden Grove (714) 638-7480


GGEA is an association of educators who advocate
for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve.

GGEA Summer Hours
Beginning June 18, the GGEA Office will be open
If you have an emergency and need a rep, please call  714-978-8861

Monday-Thursday from 8:30-3:30

Go to to learn about your professional organization
Wear your GGEA BLUE on Tuesdays to show your GGEA PRIDE!

GGUSD Posting

Due to the numbers of teachers being excessed and the school year ending on June 15, we have agreed to have the next posting on June 18 in order to support the excessed teachers who still need placement. Check your district email if you are interested in applying for any positions. If you are not going to be in town, call the Office of Personnel to make arrangements for interviews.

Negotiations Update
  The two teams met with the state mediator on Friday, May 25.  No agreement was reached. We are planning to have dates in August and are awaiting a response from the mediator.  
GGEA Membership Fair
  GGEA will be having a Back to School Membership Fair and luncheon on Friday, August 17 from 11:00-1:00  Mark your calendar now to join us! See flyer here:MembersRock Go to to RSVP so we can plan appropriate.  
Election Results

In the June primary election, the two candidates elected for the OCDE Board of Education are supporters of charter schools. This means that if GGUSD refuses a charter within our boundaries, the charter can go to OCDE to get approval. With the teacher endorsed candidates losing this election, we now have more risk for charter schools applying to open schools and take students from public schools. We will continue to work with GGUSD to protect our district from the charter invasion.

Fortunately, Tony Thurmond will be on the ballot in November.  We must get him elected to be the State Superintendent of Public Schools.

MM Students Returning to Home Elementary Schools

Schools are being asked to develop a plan with special ed teams in collaboration with gen ed teachers for mainstreaming MM students in ELD, PE, Social Studies and Science. They also need to develop a plan with a special ed team for ELA and Math instruction for MM and RS students by reviewing students' IEPs. Preliminary schedules will be developed now for the fall to best meet the needs for the least restrictive environment as well as a student's academic and social needs as stated in the IEP. This does not mean all students are being mainstreamed for a full day. Be sure to be in communication with your site principal, your PS, your SPED coordinator and the TOSAs to ensure you have all of the information you need to make informed decisions.  Your questions will guide this discussion. The Office of Elementary Education and The Office of Special Education continue to work together to coordinate these changes. Contact GGEA if you need further assistance.

CTA State Council Update

CTA IPD: CTA has support for teachers through their Instruction and Professional Development Department.

Go to for more information. There are webinars available as well.

Science and Social Science Frameworks: CTA is asking teachers to review the newest frameworks.

Go to if you are interested in learning more about frameworks.

Janus vs. AFSCME

The Janus case was argued before the Supreme Court in February.  If you have any questions about  your own membership, contact your rep or the GGEA office. To learn more about this case that could affect our collective bargaining, go to and view the Janus power point. The decision should be released in June.  We will contact you once we hear the outcome.Thank you for your support and membership.

Email Phishing Members

Many local teacher unions are being directly targeted by the anti-union, anti-public education "Freedom" Foundation. They are sending emails to encourage members to opt out of union dues. This is a direct attack designed to make our union weaker and make it easier to privatize our public schools.

The emails are being sent to members' district emails from an address that appears as "Opt Out Today." Opt Out Today is part of the "Freedom" Foundation. This foundation has been accurately characterized in recent media reports as "door-to-door union-killers." They are corporate-funded lobbyists who support privatization of public schools. If you received this email, know that it is part of a campaign by a known anti-union group designed to weaken our union, and it is happening statewide and across the West Coast. These people are not our friends, and they are not friends of public education.

Mmbers always have had the option to opt out of the portion of union dues that supports political activity. These groups want your personal information so they can further their agenda to end union structures. Their campaign is cynical, it is anti-worker, and it is anti-student.

Three Steps to Fighting Back:

  1. Mark the Opt Out Today email as spam;
  2. Forward this GGEA email to every GGEA member you know; and
  3. Let GGEA know if you are being targeted by emails.
Save Money!
  By being a member of GGEA, you are also a member of CTA and NEA. Both organizations have membership benefits that allow you to get discounts. You can save enough money to equal what you spend in dues! Go to and you can download the app. Or go to for national savings.  
Attorney available at GGEA Offices
  GGEA provides our members with the opportunity to meet with an attorney for 30 minutes about non-job related issues free of charge. This is on a first come, first served basis. Please call the GGEA office if you wish to schedule an appointment.  
Join the GGEA Facebook Page
  To join, Facebook members search for "Garden Grove Education Association" and ask to join the group. This is a great way to get up to date information. Allow our administrators 24-48 hours to accept your request. If you are concerned about privacy, please make sure your own Facebook page has privacy settings adjusted before joining GGEA Facebook.  

Together Everyone Achieves More

Contact Information:GGEA President: Tina Gustin-Gurney phone: 714-638-7480
fax: 714-638-9167
email: President-
    Executive Director – Armon Akerboom –
    Associate Staff Membership – Susan Kaylor –
    Associate Staff Reception – Jenny Gonzalez –

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Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."